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Campaign Process Analysis

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Campaign process analytics can assist to measure the ROI of marketing efforts

Making marketing campaigns more effective can yield high ROI and generate significant revenues. Though businesses implement sales and marketing insights while planning their marketing campaigns and strategies, they find it difficult to turn the qualitative tactics into measurable and objective marketing ROI.  

Process Driven AI overcomes this challenge by extracting the data from every system storing lead interaction data. Sales and marketing leaders can use Perceptif as a process analytics tool to visualize the entire process where marketing leads convert into customers. They can categorize the leads based on the channels the customers find the product or service, personas the customers fit into and marketing tactics the customers respond to the most. They can compare these categories to invest in channels and tactics accordingly. 

For example, a digital startup deployed process driven AI from Perceptif to analyze mobile and website usage behavior in online shopping. Perceptif enabled the company to design process driven AI models to detect clickstream interactions and customer segmentation, measure KPIs, and analyse customer behaviour based on these customer segments. The firm identified the key patterns in these customer segments to make process-driven marketing campaigns.

In another example,  a global sales company, deployed process driven AI to understand why they were losing customers. The analysts found that website processes were one of the major factors leading to high customer churn. Therefore, the advice was to improve website processes by streamlining home-page user interface.

There are many other examples of benefits using process driven AI for marketing channel and campaign optimisation. 

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