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Pipeline Process Analysis

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A representation of where all of your prospects are in the sales process and cycle times. Provides a snapshot of the health of your sales growth.

Process Driven AI can be used to improve sales & pipeline efficiency by visualising  the entire sales process from lead generation to the closed deal. This provides insights about interaction with customers, steps the sales reps follow and throughput time between each activity. 

Process analysts can monitor the actual sales processes and compare them with the ideal models by using process discovery and conformance checks.

Here are some other benefits: 

  • Increased conversion rate: Converting marketing strategies into sales is critical for companies. With process mining, companies can discover if they have proper strategies for increasing conversion rates.

  • Identifying root causes of order changes: Customers sometimes change their orders which causes processes to take a longer time. 

  • The unclarity of pre-order stages might cause these order changes. Companies prefer to decrease these order changes to stabilize their processes.

An example is a retailer that leveraged Process Driven AI to continuously monitor their sales processes, specifically customer return sales. They also analysed their customer support quality and its impact on customer satisfaction. 

Another example,  a manufacturer applied process driven AI to sales processes to increase visibility of operations. This enabled the manufacturer to discover steps and activities in the sales processes. Based on the insights, the manufacturer was able to minimise rework and improved execution time, which ensured the on-time delivery.

The focus and experimentation with process driven AI yielded signficant benefit and ROI. 

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