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Streamline Loan Application Process

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Analyse and Process Loan Applications Faster

Loan application system from a financial institute, is analyzed using state-of-the-art process driven AI techniques. The system data contains events related to the loan/overdraft applications of customers. 

The process analysis is based on characteristics such as the final decision, offer, and suspicion of fraud. 

More specifically, we analyse the system data to reveal some of the following insights:


(a) Resource productivity within call centre can be improved by streamlining offer process

(b) Variant Analysis reveals declined loans occur 30% of the time due to poor website information

(c) Cycle times are significantly increased when loans are greater than $20k

Further process analysis revealed opportunities to improve the efficiency of the loan application handling process however in addition to this there are significant opportnities to improve the customer experience and reduce risk. 

Download Sample Data

Download this loan app sample data now and start using it

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